Klinefelter's Syndrome natural cures

Klinefelter's Syndrome Definition

Klinefelter's syndrome is a rare chromosomal genetic syndrome characterized by having XXY chromosomes instead of XX or XY chromosomes. Sufferers of this syndrome are usually males because of the presence of Y chromosomes. This syndrome is considered as the second most common extra chromosome condition. Usually called with other names as XXY or XXY syndrome, this condition was first described in 1942 by Dr. Edward Klinefelter, an endocrinologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Klinefelter's Syndrome Diagnosis

The only reliable method to confirm diagnosis of Klinefelter's syndrome is through karyotype testing.

Klinefelter's Syndrome Treatment

This syndrome is non-curable; however there are available treatments to cure the symptoms brought by Klinefelter's syndrome. One of these is through testosterone treatment. There is a study that claims that timely and planned support allotted to young men with this condition can restore present poor psychosocial effects.

Klinefelter's Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Males suffering from this Klinefelter's Syndrome have presence of the following symptoms: * Decreased testicular hormone/endocrine function * Learning impairment within a certain level * Thought and behavior deficiency * Increased breast tissue ( Gynecomastia) * Small testicles (Microorchidism)

Klinefelter's Syndrome Causes
Klinefelter's Syndrome is caused by chromosome aneuploidy; described as the change in the number of chromosomes during cell division; resulting to an extra X chromosome.

Klinefelter's Syndrome by state

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