Kikuchi Disease natural cures

Kikuchi Disease Definition

Kikuchi Disease is a rare lymph node disorder causing large and inflamed lymph nodes. It is not cancerous. It is also known as histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis; which was first identified in 1972 by Dr. M.Kikuchi in Japan.

Kikuchi Disease Diagnosis

Diagnosis of Kikuchi Disease is confirmed by means of lymph node biopsy.

Kikuchi Disease Treatment

There is still no known cure for Kikuchi Disease; however, some symptoms can be treated but need to wait long for the symptoms to be masked up. Intolerable symptoms can persist for 6 months; in spite of this, Kikuchi Disease can still reappear to some of the patients within a period of time.

Kikuchi Disease Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Kikuchi Disease and Hodgkin's lymphoma are identical; this similarity has led to misdiagnosis and worse of all, unsafe cancer treatments to patients inflicted with Kikuchi Disease. Kikuchi Disease-inflicted individuals manifest the following symptoms: * Fever * Musculoskeletal pain (bone and joint pain) * Inexplicable weight loss * Fatigue * General weakness * Unidentifiable skin eruptions (exanthema) * Reduced neutrophils in the blood * Enlarged/swollen lymph nodes * Painful lymph nodes * Soaking/drenching night sweats * Inability to focus mentally

Kikuchi Disease Causes
The causative factor for Kikuchi Disease has not yet been recognized.

Kikuchi Disease by state

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