Kidney Stones natural cures

Kidney Stones Definition

Kidney stone also called renal calculi, are solid concretions (crystal aggregations) of dissolved minerals in urine; calculi typically form inside the kidneys or bladder. The terms nephrolithiasis and urolithiasis pertains to the presence of calculi in the kidneys and urinary tract, respectively.

Kidney Stones Diagnosis

Clinical diagnosis is usually made on the basis of the location and severity of the pain, which is typically colic in nature (comes and goes in spasmodic waves). Imaging is used to know the diagnosis and a number of other tests can be undertaken to help establish both the possible cause and consequences of the stone. Ultrasound imaging is also helpful as it will give details about the presence of hydronephrosis.

Kidney Stones Treatment

There is several treatment for kidney stone disease: Temporizing, Analgesia, Urologic interventions and Ureteral (double-J) stents.

Kidney Stones Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of kidney stones include: Colicky pain: "loin to groin". Commonly described as the "the worst pain ever experienced". Hematuria which is the blood in the urine, due to minor damage to inside wall of kidney, ureter and/or urethra.

Kidney Stones Causes
Kidney stones can be due to underlying metabolic conditions, such as renal tubular acidosis, Dent's disease and medullary sponge kidney. Several health facilities will screen for such disorders in patients with recurrent kidney stones. This is commonly done with a 24 hour urine collection that is chemically analyzed for deficiencies and excesses that promote stone formation.

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