Keratoconus natural cures

Keratoconus Definition

A rare degenerative disorder marked by a progressive thinning and cone-shape appearance of the cornea of the eyes; it is categorized as a non-inflammatory eye ailment. It is considered as the most usual type of corneal dystrophy in the US.

Keratoconus Diagnosis

Diagnosis of Keratoconus begins with a thorough eye examination by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. Retinoscopy can also help in the diagnosis.

Keratoconus Treatment

The following are considerable options in minimizing the scope of the symptoms of Keratoconus: * Eyeglasses during the early onset of Keratoconus can help in correcting astigmatism. * Specialized contact lenses have been developed and manufactured for Keratoconus inflicted persons. Surgical alternatives possible are: * Corneal transplant like penetrating keratoplasty * Corneal ring segment inserts * Radial Keratotomy

Keratoconus Symptoms and Signs

People with Keratoconus experience the following symptoms: * Minor blurring of vision that deteriorates rapidly * Poor vision at night * Astigmatism * Extreme sensitive to bright light (photophobia) * Eye strain caused by squinting to be able to read * Itchiness in the eye * Perception of two images when in fact there is only one (Monocular Polyopia)

Keratoconus Causes
The cause of Keratoconus still remains to be unclear; though many studies claim that factors like genetic or cellular as well as environmental can contribute in triggering the disease.

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