Keratoacanthoma natural cures

Keratoacanthoma Definition

Keratoacanthoma is a fairly common, epithelial tumor. Formerly, it was regarded as variant of Squamous Cell Carcinoma; a form of malignant cancer that occur in many different organs of the body including the skin, lips, esophagus, and mouth among other else. It is a disease common in the elderly. Keratoacanthoma usually disappears by itself within a period of time; it is non-contagious.

Keratoacanthoma Diagnosis

Diagnosis is confirmed through performing a skin biopsy.

Keratoacanthoma Treatment

There are many approaches that serve as treatment for Keratoacanthoma. The following are some of recommended treatment options: * Cryosurgery, which involves freezing with extremely cold liquid nitrogen. * Excision through the use of the scalpel; a medical instrument resembling a knife. * Mohs Micrographic surgery * Electrodessication and curettage * Radiation therapy * Taking a pill called Isotretinoin is necessary to minimize the size and number of Keratoacanthoma present.

Keratoacanthoma Symptoms and Signs

On the onset, Keratoacanthoma appears as a smooth red nodule/papule; usually, dome-shaped, resembling the shape of a volcano. It will rapidly grow within weeks; usually measuring 1-2 cm. It will then grow a keratin-filled "crater", surrounded by crust. When left untreated, tumor will continuously grow and may last for 6 weeks. Slow regression is observed from 2-12 months. Keratoacanthoma can either appear alone or in multiple. The tumor is painless but can be itchy at times.

Keratoacanthoma Causes
* Chronic ulcers * Previous history of skin cancer * Chronic exposure to ultraviolet rays and sunlight * Long standing scars

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