Ivy Poison natural cures

Ivy Poison Definition

Ivy poison is a lacquer-like substance released by the poison ivy plant as a device for self-protection. The substance is released whenever a foreign body brushes on the leaves of the plant.

Ivy Poison Diagnosis

Diagnosis of ivy poison is done by physical examination of the mentioned symptoms.

Ivy Poison Treatment

The symptoms gradually resolve within two weeks. Boric acid and calamine lotion can be used to treat the blisters and sores.

Ivy Poison Symptoms and Signs

Upon immediate contact the body will fill a sudden burning sensation. This will be followed by fever, chills, weakness as well as the development of red sores and rashes on the skin.

Ivy Poison Causes
This reaction is caused by the secretion of the lacquer-like resin that contains substances which the body responds to. The resin can also be acquired through handling exposed pets and garden tools.

Ivy Poison by state

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