Iron Overload natural cures

Iron Overload Definition

In medicine, iron overload (also known as hemochromatosis) disorders are diseases caused by the accumulation of iron in the body.

Iron Overload Diagnosis

Initial symptoms such as stiff joints and fatigue can result from a number of conditions that are more common than hemochromatosis. And in the latter stages of the disease, the doctor may focus on treating serious problems such as cirrhosis and heart disease rather than on checking for iron overload.

Iron Overload Treatment

Doctors can treat hemochromatosis safely and effectively by removing blood from the body (phlebotomy) on a regular basis, just as if the person were donating blood. But in this case, the goal is to reduce the iron levels to normal. The amount of blood drawn depends on age, overall health and the severity of iron overload. Some people need many phlebotomies to achieve normal iron levels

Iron Overload Symptoms and Signs

Signs and symptoms include: arthritis, especially in the hands; chronic fatigue; loss of sex drive (libido) or impotence; lack of normal menstruation (amenorrhea); abdominal pain; high blood sugar levels; low thyroid function (hypothyroidism); and abnormal liver function tests, even if no other symptoms are present.

Iron Overload Causes
The causes can be separated between primary (generally genetic) and secondary (due to other conditions).

Iron Overload by state

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