Iron Deficiency natural cures

Iron Deficiency Definition

Iron deficiency is a medical condition wherein the blood lacks sufficient amount of iron needed by the body. Iron is a nutrient needed to produce hemoglobin, a protein compound that makes up the red blood cells. The most common situation of iron deficiency is called iron-deficiency anemia.

Iron Deficiency Diagnosis

Iron deficiency can be observed in persons with low red blood cell count, as well as the symptoms demonstrated.

Iron Deficiency Treatment

The condition can be treated by taking iron supplements. A high-iron diet is also prescribed consisting of animal protein. Foods high in iron include meat and liver.

Iron Deficiency Symptoms and Signs

Persons suffering from iron-deficiency exhibit symptoms such as paleness, weakness, lack of energy and frequent headaches. Low red blood cell count is also evident.

Iron Deficiency Causes
Iron deficiency is caused by the body's increased need for iron, a mineral needed to fuel the blood towards the different body organs. Iron deficiency may be caused by problems during pregnancy, or when one doesn't consume adequate amounts of iron for a long period of time.

Iron Deficiency by state

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