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Iritis Definition

Iritis is a medical condition that refers to the inflammation of the iris of the eye; it is considered as a form of anterior uveitis. Two types of Iritis are chronic and acute Iritis. Acute Iritis has the capability to heal by itself while Chronic Iritis does not easily respond to treatment, lasting for months or years and comes with a high risk for serious visual damage.

Iritis Diagnosis

Slit-lamp and ophthalmoscopic examinations are necessary to trace evidences related to a developing Iritis.

Iritis Treatment

Treatment commonly involves eye drops to alleviate and minimize inflammation and pressure and steroids for specific medical purposes.

Iritis Symptoms and Signs

Possible signs and symptoms of Iritis include the following: * Photophobia, which is described as extreme sensitivity to light sources of any kind. * Blurred and cloudy vision, which tend to be irritating at times. * White blood cells appear in the anterior chamber creating a gray or near-white smoke-like fa?ade; there is also presence of protein resulting to tiny white dots in the anterior chamber as well. This combination is referred to as "cells and flare." * Adhesion of iris to cornea or lens of the eye, medically referred to as Synechia. * The part of the eye adjacent to the iris is reddened. * Pain in the ocular and periorbital section of the eye. * Consensual photophobia

Iritis Causes
Several medical conditions cause Iritis - rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Crohn's disease, and ulcerative colitis to name a few. Individuals suffering from ankylosing spondylitis and other HLAB27 related diseases are at a higher risk of developing Iritis.

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