Iridocyclitis natural cures

Iridocyclitis Definition

Iridocyclitis is a medical condition characterized by inflammation in the middle layer or the whole interior of the eye. This is also referred to as a type of anterior uveitis, which is inflammation of the uvea of the eyes. Commonly it is described as inflammation of the iris and the ciliary body of the eye.

Iridocyclitis Treatment

Tropane alkaloids are often prescribed for the purpose of immobilizing the iris and to alleviate the pain; however if the main intention is to reduce the inflammation, topical steroids like dexamethasone and prednisolone are recommended by doctors. For very severe cases, administering a subconjunctival steroid injection is highly necessary.

Iridocyclitis Symptoms and Signs

Primary symptoms of iridocyclitis include: excessive sensitivity to light or fear of well-lit places; referred to as photophobia, white part of the eye appears red in color, watery eyes or lacrimation, blurred vision, pupil constriction, and Synechia; a medical condition wherein the iris sticks on either the cornea or lens of the eye.

Iridocyclitis Causes

Iridocyclitis usually occurs when the eye is subjected to direct chemical exposure, predominantly with agents triggering lacrimation. Some ocular viral infection like herpes zoster is a causative factor for Iridocyclitis; yet, there are still other medical conditions that can cause Iridocyclitis.

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