Intraocular Lymphoma natural cures

Intraocular Lymphoma Definition

Intraocular lymphoma is a rare malignant form of eye cancer that is capable of quickly spreading to the brain.

Intraocular Lymphoma Diagnosis

Histologic analysis is essential in order to accurately diagnose this condition. Different presentations of symptoms require varied approaches in order to come up with the precise diagnosis. For example, in a patient with characteristic fundus lesion, the physician will submit the patient for a biopsy to diagnose the presence of the disease. While there are many methods available for obtaining intra-ocular specimen for the purpose of undergoing analysis, each method is performed on a step wise approach due to the underlying risk with the eye. Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) of the brain is usually recommended for suspicions of Primary Intraocular Lymphoma. This is highly necessary in order to rule out any condition involving the cerebrum.

Intraocular Lymphoma Treatment

Beforehand, medical professionals regard radiotherapy as the mainstay treatment; however, recent medical practice has considered methotrexate as the first line defense in the treatment of Intraocular lymphoma. Intraocular lymphoma showing manifestations of retinitis are treated with antiviral medicines and those that exhibit signs and symptoms of uveitis are treated with costicosteroids.

Intraocular Lymphoma Symptoms and Signs

The most common symptoms that may indicate intraocular lymphoma involves painless, decreased or blurred vision directly caused by the tumor cells present in the vitreous.

Intraocular Lymphoma by state

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