Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction natural cures

Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction Definition

It is an uncommon condition accompanied by symptoms similar to those that cause bowel obstruction or blockage. Though, when the intestines are check there is no blockage found instead the obstruction is due to nerve or muscle problems that affects food, fluid or air movement.

Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction Diagnosis

A complete medical history review is performed together with physical examination and x-rays to make sure that the symptoms are not because of an intestinal obstruction and to check for underlying illness.

Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction Treatment

Nutritional support: Enteral nutrition to provide liquid food through a feeding tube. Other patients may need IV feeding which is also referred to as parenteral nutrition. If the condition is caused by an illness or medication, medication is immediately stopped and the doctor will treat the underlying illness. Antibiotics are prescribed for bacterial infections, pain medication and medicine to treat problems in the intestinal muscle. In severe cases surgery is done to get rid a part of the intestine.

Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction Symptoms and Signs

Cramps Abdominal pain Nausea Vomiting Bloating Constipation

Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction Causes
IF the cause is not known the condition is called primary intestinal pseudo-obstruction. If the cause is determined the condition is called secondary intestinal pseudo-obstruction where in causes include pelvic or abdominal surgery, diseases that affect nerves and muscles, infections like lupus erythematosus and medications like opiates.

Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction by state

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      Intestinal pseudo obstruction causes natural treatmentIntestinal pseudo obstruction causes natural treatment
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