Intestinal Adhesions natural cures

Intestinal Adhesions Definition

Bands of fibrous tissue that connect the loops of the intestines to each other, to the abdominal organs or to the intestines of the abdominal wall result to intestinal adhesions. The bands can pull several sections of the intestines out of place.

Intestinal Adhesions Diagnosis

Computed tomography Barium contrast Exploratory surgery - to locate the pain and adhesions

Intestinal Adhesions Treatment

Diet in low fiber - for partial blockage of the intestines Surgery - to remove adhesions

Intestinal Adhesions Symptoms and Signs

Some intestinal adhesions have no symptoms but if there is partial or complete blockage of the intestines symptoms may include crampy abdominal pain, vomiting, bloating, inability to pass gas and constipation.

Intestinal Adhesions Causes
Intestinal adhesions may be present at birth but can also appear after abdominal surgery.

Intestinal Adhesions by state

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