Interstitial Lung Disease natural cures

Interstitial Lung Disease Definition

Interstitial Lung Disease refers to a cluster of lung disorders. It usually involves certain lung areas like the tissues of the alveoli, basement membrane (structures supporting overlying epithelial and endothelial cells), pulmonary capillary endothelium, perilymphatic and perivascular tissues. The term Interstitial Lung Disease is used to make a distinction of the disease classified as belonging to this group from obstructive airway ailments. Although the majority of diseases in this group include fibrosis in the later stage, the term pulmonary fibrosis is completely disregarded in identifying this disease.

Interstitial Lung Disease Diagnosis

Chest X-ray, blood testing, pulmonary function testing and high-resolution CT thorax are some of the fundamental investigations that aid in diagnosis of ILD.

Interstitial Lung Disease Treatment

Since Interstitial Lung Disease is not a solitary disorder, each disease is treated separately. There is no uniform treatment for this group of lung ailment. If the disease is caused by long-term exposure to a toxin or pollutant, non-exposure would be recommended. The same thing goes when the disease is drug-induced, taking that drug need to be discontinued. Most of the time prednisolone is given to treat ILD, which are caused by connective tissue disorders and those that are considered as idiopathic.

Interstitial Lung Disease Symptoms and Signs

Although Interstitial Lung Disease refers to a wide variety of lung diseases, the early manifestations of each disease is quite similar. Like most diseases affecting the lungs, difficulty in breathing especially after performing an activity and a dry cough is perceptible during the initial onset of the disease.

Interstitial Lung Disease Causes
Determining the cause of injury to the lung tissue is not easy because of the variety of causable factors that may contribute to the development of the disease. Possible causes of Interstitial Lung Disease may include long-term exposure to occupational and environmental toxins, infections, radiations, drugs, connective tissue disorders, and malignancy. There are also ILD cases, which have are considered as Idiopathic or no known cause, while some are drug-stimulated causes.

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