Intermitten Claudication natural cures

Intermitten Claudication Definition

Intermittent claudication is the occurrence of cramp-like pain on the calves. This usually occurs during heavy exercise or in the midst of strenuous physical activity. SYMPTOMS

Intermitten Claudication Diagnosis

The condition can be diagnosed by the symptoms displayed by the patient.

Intermitten Claudication Treatment

Rest is the best way to treat intermittent claudication. When one suffers from the condition, he or she must sit on the floor with legs stretched. Stretching relaxes the arteries and allows more space for the blood to flow. Massaging the affected area also helps. The condition, however, relieves itself without further medication.

Intermitten Claudication Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of intermittent claudication are sudden pain on the calves and feet, immobility of the affected area, and numbness.

Intermitten Claudication Causes
The main cause of intermittent claudication is when fats (called plaques) enter the arteries during physical exercise. These plaques block the passage of blood in the arteries thus signaling pain and numbness.

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