Inguinal hernia natural cures

Inguinal hernia Definition

Inguinal hernias occur when soft tissue - usually part of the intestine - protrudes through a weak point or tear in the lower abdominal wall. The resulting bulge of this common condition can be painful - especially when the person coughs, bends over or lifts a heavy object

Inguinal hernia Diagnosis

A physical exam is typically all that's needed to diagnose an inguinal hernia. The doctor is likely to ask about the patient's signs and symptoms and to check for a bulge in the groin area. Because coughing can make a hernia more prominent, the patient may be asked to cough or strain as part of the exam.

Inguinal hernia Treatment

The two general types of hernia operations are herniorrhaphy and hernioplasty.

Inguinal hernia Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include: pain or discomfort in the groin, especially when bending over, coughing or lifting; heavy or dragging sensation in the groin; and occasionally, in men, pain and swelling in the scrotum around the testicles when the protruding intestine descends into the scrotum.

Inguinal hernia Causes
Some inguinal hernias have no obvious cause. But many happen as a result of increased pressure within the abdomen, a pre-existing weak spot in the abdominal wall or a combination of the two. In men, the weak spot typically occurs along the inguinal canal. This is the area where the spermatic cord, which contains the vas deferens, enters the scrotum. In women, the inguinal canal carries a ligament that helps hold the uterus in place, and hernias sometimes arise where connective tissue from the uterus attaches to tissue surrounding the pubic bone.

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