Impingement Syndrome natural cures

Impingement Syndrome Definition

Impingement syndrome is a condition where the tendons of the rotator cuff rub and cause friction against the bones of the shoulder. This is commonly felt by people who incur injuries in the scapular area.

Impingement Syndrome Diagnosis

Diagnosis can be made through X-ray examinations and presence of the symptoms.

Impingement Syndrome Treatment

Treatment can be done by limiting strenuous activities. One can also do stretching exercises to help relax the muscles and not cause friction against the bones. Physical therapy can be taken to help strengthen the bones and muscles.

Impingement Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of impingement syndrome are shoulder pain, cramps and numbness, as well as the limited strength to rotate the arms.

Impingement Syndrome Causes
Impingement syndrome is usually caused by stress incurred during strenuous activities. It can also be brought about by injuries, or when the muscles of the rotator cuff brush against the shoulder blades, causing pain.

Impingement Syndrome by state

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