Icu Psychosis natural cures

Icu Psychosis Definition

ICU psychosis is a mental illness suffered by a person who has experienced traumas while undergoing treatment at a hospital's intensive care unit (ICU). This illness is characterized by delusions, hallucinations and short-term memory loss.

Icu Psychosis Diagnosis

ICU psychosis can be diagnosed through the observation of the symptoms shown by the patient.

Icu Psychosis Treatment

Treatment for the illness is by intake of antipsychotic drugs, as well as counseling and constant moral support from family members.

Icu Psychosis Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of ICU psychosis include hallucinations in which the patient feels that he's under intensive care treatment, nightmares, dementia, and the inability to remember things especially those related to his previous treatment.

Icu Psychosis Causes
ICU psychosis can be an after-effect of someone who underwent treatment at a hospital's ICU.

Icu Psychosis by state

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