Hysteria natural cures

Hysteria Definition

Hysteria is a mental illness associated with other psychiatric disorders. It is characterized by dissociative and conversion reactions depending on the patient's condition.

Hysteria Diagnosis

The illness is diagnosed by restrictive observation of the patient's behavior.

Hysteria Treatment

Hysteria is treated by psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and tranquilizers as a form of medication.

Hysteria Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of hysteria vary. For those who demonstrate conversion reactions, symptoms play on their physical conditions. Patients may wage a sudden uproar and go wild, or be paralyzed for a certain period of time. Dissociative reactions meanwhile are different. Patients seem to lose knowledge of their identity and wander around like strangers. They also lose the concept of time and reality, or may go into a catatonic state.

Hysteria Causes
Hysteria is caused by a number of reasons. It may be due to their ongoing mental disorders, or can be a result of the medications given for treatment. Others meanwhile are triggered by traumatic experiences in the past.

Hysteria by state

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