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Hypoxia Definition

Hypoxia is a condition characterized by a shortage of oxygen in the body. The term hypoxia literally means "lacking in oxygen." Related conditions include hypoxaemia, where oxygen in the blood is reduced, and anoxia, where there is complete absence of oxygen.

Hypoxia Diagnosis

Hypoxia in aquatic environments - refers to the decreased concentration of dissolved oxygen while in a body of water.

Hypoxia Treatment

Environmental hypoxia - refers to condition of reduced partial pressure of oxygen as in high altitude areas such as mountains. Ischemia - refers to a restriction in blood supply which in turn results in restriction in oxygen supply to certain parts of th body. Ischemia is usually caused by a blockage in the blood vessels.

Hypoxia Symptoms and Signs

The term hypoxia is also used to refer to oxygen starvation of the brain. Hypoxia can result to irreversible brain damage since brain cells is in constant need of oxygen. Hypoxia may occur before birth, affecting the fetus, or after birth. Hypoxia prior to birth is mainly caused by premature separation of the placenta resulting to oxygen supply cut off. It is believed that cerebral palsy is partly caused by hypoxia.

Hypoxia Causes
The term hypoxia can also refer to the following conditions:

Hypoxia by state

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