Hypothermia natural cures

Hypothermia Definition

Hypothermia is a condition wherein the temperature of an organism drops below the level required for proper metabolism and bodily functions. The core body temperature of warm-blooded animals like humans are always maintained near a constant level. Hypothermia occurs when the body is subjected to very cold conditions that leads to inability of the body to replenish the heat lost.

Hypothermia Treatment

Hypothermia can be treated by drying, shelter and warming up gradually. The transfer of body heat from another person is a great help. Drinking sweet warm liquids may also help.

Hypothermia Symptoms and Signs

By its definition, the cause of hypothermia is exposure to severely cold environment and conditions.

Hypothermia Causes

The symptoms of hypothermia depends on its severity. Mild or stage 1 hypothermia occurs when the body temperature drops by 1-2 ?. Mild hypothermia causes strong shivering and inability to use the hands.Breathing during mild hypothermia also becomes shallow and quick. Stage 2 hypothermia sets in when the patient feels a warm sensation and when the body's temperature drops by 2-4 ? . In this stage, the patient already finds it difficult to move. In stage 3 hypothermia, body temperature drops to approximately 32? C. In this stage, difficulty in speaking, slow thinking and even amnesia may be experienced.

Hypothermia by state

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