Hyposplenism natural cures

Hyposplenism Definition

Hyposplenism is a disorder characterized by reduced functions of the spleen.

Hyposplenism Treatment

Antibiotic and vaccination protocols have been established to minimize the risk of acquiring hyposplenism. Doctors also provide oral antibiotics after a surgery of the spleen (splenectomy) to reduce the risk of infection. There is also now an effort to preserve a part of the spleen during splenectomy to preserve some of its important roles in the body. Ideally, a preoperative vaccination should be given until the time when the remaining spleen becomes able to perform its functions. A full-dose course of antibiotics is also given to patients at the onset of a cough, sore throat or fever. Individuals with hyposplenism are also advised to take extra precautionary measures when traveling to other countries especially in those where specific diseases such as malaria are prevalent. If a patient must travel to these areas then a vaccination is advised.

Hyposplenism Symptoms and Signs

The main symptom of hyposplenism is greater risk to infections due to the reduced protective function of the spleen.

Hyposplenism Causes

Hyposplenism may be congenital or acquired. Congenital hyposplenism are often caused genetic disorders or if the mother is exposure to environmental factors during pregnancy. Acquired hyposplenism may be caused by a trauma to the spleen, when functions of the spleen are stopped to combat a disease, diseases that destroy the spleen.

Hyposplenism by state

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