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Hypoprothrombinaemia Definition

Hypoprothrombinaemia is a blood disorder characterized by impaired blood clotting due to a deficiency of prothromin, a blood protein necessary for blood coagulation. The condition leads to a heightened risk of bleeding particularly in the cranial vault, gastrointestinal system and superficial integumentary system.

Hypoprothrombinaemia Treatment

The main treatment for hypoprothrombinaemia is periodic infusion of purified prothrombin complex or fresh frozen plasma. Some individuals suffering from this condition also respond well to taking vitamin K dietary supplements.

Hypoprothrombinaemia Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of hypoprothrombinaemia include impaired blood clotting and increased bleeding risk. Other symptoms include nosebleeds, abnormal bleeding, easy bruising, umbilical cord bleeding during birth and abnormal menstrual bleeding.

Hypoprothrombinaemia Causes

Hypoprothrombinaemia can either be congenital or acquired. It may be caused by a genetic defect, adverse effects of certain medicines or may result from another disease. Systemic lupus is one of the diseases that may cause hypoprothrombinaemia because of the presence of antibodies that binds and removes prothrombin from the bloodstream. The deficiency in prothrombin may be caused by deficiency in vitamin K,anticoagulant medications or severe liver disease. The drug quinine may also cause hypoprothrombinaemia The use of antibiotics or antimicrobial therapy can also cause this condition due to the tendency of these drugs to kill intestinal bacteria which is a possible source of vitamin K.

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