Hypolipoproteinemia natural cures

Hypolipoproteinemia Definition

Hypolipoproteinemia is a rare but serious condition characterized by a lack of fat in the blood. Fat is absorbed by blood, along with proteins and other chemicals, in the intestine and is transported to the liver for processing.

Hypolipoproteinemia Diagnosis

Hypolipoproteinemia can be diagnosed by a study of the blood that determines fat particles. This test aids in the identification of both the high and low fat diseases. For accurate results, patients are told to fast overnight to avoid fat interference from food. In the blood, proteins and fats are grouped together by density. There are three groups of proteins and fats, namely, high-density lipoproteins (HDL), low-density lipoproteins (LDL), and very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL). Bigger particles called chylomicrons also exist.

Hypolipoproteinemia Treatment

The treatment of hypolipoproteinemia depends on the specific cause of the condition. For Tangier disease though, there is no known cure. Children with betalipoprotein deficiencies are often given vtamin E supplements.

Hypolipoproteinemia Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of hypolipoproteinemia are usually connected with the cause of the condition instead of actual amount of fats in the blood.

Hypolipoproteinemia Causes
The cause of hypolipoproteinemia can either be genetic or other conditions such as malnutrition and malabsorption of nutrients. Other diseases such as anemia, rare genetic conditions such as hypobetalipoproteinemia and abetalipoproteinemia and tangier disease can also cause hypolipoproteinemia.

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