Hypohidrosis natural cures

Hypohidrosis Definition

Hypohidrosis is subnormal sweating, less sweating than usual. Hidrosis means sweating, so hypohidrosis is literally undersweating.

Hypohidrosis Diagnosis

Diagnosis is by clinical observation of decreased sweating or by heat intolerance.

Hypohidrosis Treatment

Treatment is by cooling measures, such as air-conditioning and wet garments.

Hypohidrosis Symptoms and Signs

An uncommon presentation is fever of unknown origin.

Hypohidrosis Causes
It is most commonly focal and caused by local skin injury (like trauma, radiation, infection or inflammation) or by atrophy of glands from connective tissue disease (such as in scleroderma, SLE, Sj÷gren's syndrome). Hypohidrosis may be brought about by drugs, especially those with anticholinergic properties. It is also the result of diabetic neuropathy and a variety of congenital syndromes. Heatstroke causes insufficient sweating but is a CNS rather than a skin disorder

Hypohidrosis by state

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