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hypogonadism Definition

Hypogonadism is a condition characterized by a lack of function of the gonads as a result of a defect of the reproductive system. The gonads produces hormones and also plays a role in producing eggs and sperm. Infertility results from defective sperm and egg development. Hypogonadism is often used to describe a permanent defect of the reproductive system.

hypogonadism Diagnosis

A simple blood test can be performed by a doctor to identify low testosterone levels among men. The normal testosterone level is between 298 to 1098 ng/dl. To distinguish between primary and secondary hypogonadism, doctors measure gonadotropins. Adolescent individuals who displays delayed puberty are usually suspected of suffering from hypogonadism. Most delay though are temporary and are considered as being caused by hypogonadism.

hypogonadism Treatment

The most effective treatment for hypogonadism is to replace the necessary hormones. This is testosterone for men and progesterone and estradiol for women. Some of the cases of infertility that results from hypogonadism can be treated.

hypogonadism Symptoms and Signs

Genetic and developmental disorders, surgery, liver and kidney diseases, radiation, certain autoimmune diseases and infections are some of the leading causes of primary hypogonadism, a condition wherein the testes do not function properly. Central hypogonadism, where the centers in the brain is dysfunctional, can also be caused by the ones cited above plus the following: tumors, trauma, bleeding, nutritional deficiencies and excessive iron.

hypogonadism Causes
The symptoms of hypogonadism include fatigue or loss of energy, libido loss, bad mood and decline in muscle mass.

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