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hypoglycemia Definition

Hypoglycemia, which literally means "under-sweet blood," is a condition characterized by a lower than normal level of sugar or glucose in the blood. The condition occurs when the blood glucose level fall at a point that is not enough to support bodily functions.

hypoglycemia Diagnosis

Hypoglycemia is often diagnosed by an endocrinologist, a specialist in glucose metabolic disorders. The following criteria are often used to diagnose the disease: recognized symptoms of hypoglycemia, low glucose during manifestation of symptoms and improvement of condition when glucose is returned to normal levels. Though often employed, these diagnostic criteria re not accepted by all medical experts. Even the level of glucose used to define hypoglycemia is contested by some doctors.

hypoglycemia Treatment

The usual treatment of hypoglycemia is administration or ingestion of foods convertible to glucose or dextrose.

hypoglycemia Symptoms and Signs

The most common symptom of hypoglycemia is neuroglycopenia, an impairment of brain functions as caused by an inadequate supply of glucose to the brain. Other symptoms include temporary brain damage, "bad mood," and coma. If not checked early, hypoglycemia can even lead to death.

hypoglycemia Causes
There are many possible causes of hypoglycemia and it can occur at any age. The most common cause of hypoglycemia, particularly of the severe kind, is the complication of insulin and some oral medications as treatment for diabetes mellitus.

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