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hypocalcemia Definition

Hypocalcemia is a type of electrolyte disturbance characterized by a having low serum calcium levels. The human body regulates only the calcium that are not bound to proteins or ionized. Individuals with abnormally low levels of blood proteins may have plasma calcium that are inaccurate. In cases like this, the ionized calcium level is considered more accurate.

hypocalcemia Diagnosis

Hypocalcemia is diagnosed by conducting a complete physical examination and analysis of the patient's medical history. The blood is also tested for calcium levels.

hypocalcemia Treatment

In mild forms of hypocalcemia, the patient is injected with calcium gluconate. In severe cases, calcium chloride is given. Patients are also required to take calcium and vitamin D supplements to prevent the condition from getting worse.

hypocalcemia Symptoms and Signs

The earliest symptoms of Hypocalcemia include the so-called "pins and needles" sensation, known medically as perioral tingling and parasthesia, over the extremities of hands and feet. Other symptoms include tetany, hyperactive tendon reflexes, laryngospasm and cardiac arrhythmias.

hypocalcemia Causes
Hypocalcemia is usually caused by vitamin D deficiency or a parathyroid hormone deficiency or malfunction. Abnormally high or low magnesium levels can also trigger this condition. Other causes of hypocalcemia include eating disorders, extended use of some medications and laxatives and the absence of parathyroid hormone.

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