Hypertrichosis natural cures

Hypertrichosis Definition

Hypertrichosis, or werewolf's disease, refers to an abnormally excessive hair growing on the body. This hair tends to cover the face, arms and other parts of the skin.

Hypertrichosis Diagnosis

The disorder can be diagnosed through the symptoms shown by the patient.

Hypertrichosis Treatment

There is no treatment for the hypertrichosis. While growing hair can be managed by shaving, people with this disorder use this feature rather as a form of entertainment, as they can be seen performing in places such as a circus.

Hypertrichosis Symptoms and Signs

The disorder is characterized by hair growing all over the body except the hands and feet. In some cases hair growth develops rapidly even before puberty stage. Aside from this, people with the disorder have no other internal organ problems.

Hypertrichosis Causes
Hypertrichosis is a hair growth variation brought about by genetic factors.

Hypertrichosis by state

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