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Hyperthyroidism Definition

Hyperthyroidism is a medical condition that is caused by the ill effects of too much production of thyroid hormone on tissues of the human body. While there are several underlying causes of hyperthyroidism, patients would usually experience the same symptoms.

Hyperthyroidism Diagnosis

A diagnosis for hyperthyrodism is usually conducted through blood test in order to measuring the level of thyroid-stimulating hormone in the blood.

Hyperthyroidism Treatment

The major and the generally accepted modes for treatment of hyperthyroidism among humans primarily involve the initial temporary utilization of suppressive thyrostatics medications. Radioisotope therapy and permanent surgical procedure may also present an alternative for sever cases as well as the supplementation of levothryoxine.

Hyperthyroidism Symptoms and Signs

Among the major clinical symptoms of hyperthyroidism includes loss of weight, anxiety, fatigue, heat, apathy, irritability, depression, palpitations, sweating, nausea and vomiting. For many patients with sever cases, there is also a significant increase in the body temperature, which when left unattended can lead to death ort comatose.

Hyperthyroidism Causes
Hyperthyroidism is primarily the result of an excessive production of the thyroid hormone that causes an overactive growth of height as well as an increased speed of intestines and body organs. The thyroid hormone is also the gland that controls the digestive system as well as regulates body control.

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