Hyperthermia natural cures

Hyperthermia Definition

Hyperthermia is the development of severe health problems due to intense heat or because of extremely hot weather conditions. This is often referred to as the advanced state of sunstroke or heat stroke, which can prove to be fatal and requires immediate medical attention.

Hyperthermia Diagnosis

Diagnosis would greatly rely on the symptoms manifested by the patients as well as history of exposure to direct heat. Body temperature and blood pressure are usually derived for better diagnosis.

Hyperthermia Treatment

Treatment would primarily require avoidance to direct sun exposure as well as indulging in strenuous activities that may cause over exhaustion. Patients with heart problems as well as elderly should also avoid overly warm environment.

Hyperthermia Symptoms and Signs

Among the most common symptoms that can be associated with hyperthermia includes headache, significant drop in the patient's blood pressure, fainting spells and dizziness, dilation of the blood vessels, convulsions, fever and temporary blindness.

Hyperthermia Causes
Severe sun exposure is one of the underlying causes of hyperthermia that causes the overheating of the body. Infants may prove to be highly susceptible to hyperthermia as they are still unable to regulate body temperature on their own. Excessive physical exercise may also be a cause as well as possible ill-effects to certain types of medications.

Hyperthermia by state

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