hypertension natural cures

hypertension Definition

High blood pressure or more popularly referred to as hypertension means high pressure in the arteries or the vessels that carries blooding from the heart to other parts of the body. The normal blood pressure of a human being is typically below 120/80 and people who reaxch 140/90 are most likely suffering form hypertension.

hypertension Diagnosis

One of the primary indicators of hypertension inlcudes getting the blood pressure, urine and blood etsts, as well as electrocardiogram and chest x-rays. An ultrasound may also be necessary for conducting an imaging study of the patient's heart.

hypertension Treatment

There are a number of medications availble to manage hypertension. Lifestyle changes, adhereing to a strict diet and regular exercise is also impornat to alleviate the risks of heart attacks. Surgical procedures may also be required to cure other internbal complications.

hypertension Symptoms and Signs

Among the most common symptoms of hypertension include dizziness, blurred vision, headaches, palpitations, chest pains. Hypertension is often reffered to as on eof the silent killers as symptoms are not quite obvious allowning it to develop unnoticed until it creates other serious complications.

hypertension Causes
There are a number of causes pf hypertension since some ailments may produce hypertension as one of the leading symptoms. It can be due to an abnormality in one of the intrenal organs. It can also be an acquired through the years by poor eating and too much salt in the diet as well as the advnacement fo age. Obesity and hereditary factors can also come into play.

hypertension by state

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