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Hyperreflexia Definition

Hyperreflexia is a medical condition characterized by overresponsive or overactive reflexes, such as twitching and spastic tendencies. Hyperreflexia, which is more of a symptom than a disease, is usually indicative of a disorder of the upper motor neurons as well as disinhibition or a decrease or loss of control in the higher brain centers.

Hyperreflexia Treatment

Treatment for hyperreflexia is dependent upon the diagnosis of the particular pathology that triggered the symptom. If caused by ingesting medication and stimulants, these drugs may be stopped completely or removed from their healthcare.

Hyperreflexia Causes

Hyperreflexia is commonly caused by an injury in the spinal cord or severe brain trauma. In hyperreflexia affected patients, even standard stimuli can trigger an excessive reaction from the nervous system. A simple stimulus like filling of the bladder, for example, may bring about an overactive reflex from the brain. Other causes have also been identified to contribute to hyperreflexia. Some causal factors include side effects of drugs and some stimulants, electrolyte imbalance, and severe brain trauma. Hypernatraemia, preeclampsia, portal hypertension, tetanus, renal syndrome, strokes, and tumors are also known causes of hyperreflexia.

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