Hyperglycemia natural cures

Hyperglycemia Definition

Hyperglycemia is a condition wherein there's an excessive quantity of glucose circulating in one's blood plasma. It's a grave health dilemma for people with diabetes. Diabetic people having hyperglycemia over a long period of time can cause damage to blood vessels, nerves, and other organs of the body.

Hyperglycemia Diagnosis

The condition can be diagnosed through blood test and urine test, in addition to history and physical examination.

Hyperglycemia Treatment

Treatment requires the elimination of any underlying cause, such as treatment of diabetes. Other treatments include drinking more water, exercising more, changing eating habits, and changing medications.

Hyperglycemia Symptoms and Signs

It's important to recognize signs of the condition, as untreated hyperglycemia can become an emergency condition known as ketoacidosis. Early symptoms of the condition include increased thirst, blurred vision, headaches, difficulty concentrating, weight loss, frequent urination, and fatigue. When there's prolonged hyperglycemia, symptoms can include skin and vaginal infections, decreased vision, slow healing wounds and cuts, intestinal and stomach problems, and nerve damage that causes painful cold feet or insensitive feet, and hair loss on lower extremities.

Hyperglycemia Causes
The condition can be caused by two factors: diabetes mellitus and eating disorders. Chronic hyperglycemia is often due to diabetes mellitus, where insulin levels are low that inhibit glucose transport therefore causing high levels of glucose in blood. Some eating disorders may also produce 'acute non-diabetic hyperglycemia', such as consuming huge amounts of calories from food at once.

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