Hydroxyapatite Crystal Disease natural cures

Hydroxyapatite Crystal Disease Definition

Hydroxyapatite crystal disease is an inflammation of the joints due to the crystallization of the hydroxyapatite mineral in the bones.

Hydroxyapatite Crystal Disease Diagnosis

The disease can be diagnosed by excreting a fluid in the affected joint and have it examined under a microscope to detect strains of hydroxyapatite crystals.

Hydroxyapatite Crystal Disease Treatment

The swelling can be resolved by cortisone injections in the affected areas. Adequate rest and cold compress applications are also recommended.

Hydroxyapatite Crystal Disease Symptoms and Signs

Patients with this disease usually feel pain and tenderness in the affected area, particularly in the shoulders and the back. This inflammation is associated with arthritis.

Hydroxyapatite Crystal Disease Causes
The inflammation is caused by the body's reaction to hydroxyapatite crystals that form out of the bones. These crystals thus cause friction in the surrounding tissues such as tendons and ligaments.

Hydroxyapatite Crystal Disease by state

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