Hydrosyringomyelia natural cures

Hydrosyringomyelia Definition

Hydrosyringomyelia refers to a group of conditions a person experiences when the spinal cord is damaged by an abnormal formation of fluid-filled cavities within the cord.

Hydrosyringomyelia Diagnosis

The illness can be diagnosed by MRI of the spine and other imaging procedures.

Hydrosyringomyelia Treatment

Hydrisyringomyelia can be treated by surgery. Surgical operation is done to stop spinal cord damage and maximize the functions of the spinal cord. Vasoconstrictors meanwhile help reduce the formation of fluids within the spinal cord.

Hydrosyringomyelia Symptoms and Signs

Persons with the said illness usually suffer from headache, progressive pain in the limbs, numbness, and eventually, clumsiness in reaching and handling objects. Walking difficulties also occur.

Hydrosyringomyelia Causes
The main cause of hydrosyringomyelia is still under study. The condition however is linked with intracranial pressure due to cerebrospinal fluids, and Chiari malformation.

Hydrosyringomyelia by state

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