Hydrops fetalis natural cures

Hydrops fetalis Definition

Hydrops fetalis is a condition in the fetus marked by an accumulation of fluid, or edema, in at least two fetal compartments, including the subcutaneous tissue, pleura, pericardium, or in the abdomen, which is also known as ascites. The edema is typically seen in the fetal subcutaneous tissue, sometimes leading to spontaneous abortion. It is a prenatal form of heart failure, in which the heart has failed to satisfy the insatiable demand for an unusually high amount of blood flow.

Hydrops fetalis Diagnosis

Hydrops fetalis can be diagnosed and monitored using ultrasound scans.

Hydrops fetalis Treatment

The treatment depends on the cause of the disease. Severely anemic fetuses can be treated with blood transfusions while still inside the mother's womb.

Hydrops fetalis Symptoms and Signs

The fetus may display the following symptoms: twinning, hydramnios, exanthem or other evidence of intercurrent viral illness, herpetic lesion or chancre, and decrease in fetal movements.

Hydrops fetalis Causes
Hydrops fetalis typically stems from fetal anemia, when the heart needs to pump a much greater volume of blood to deliver the same amount of oxygen. This anemia can come from either an immune or non-immune cause. Non-immune hydrops can also be unassociated to anemia, for example if a tumor or congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation increases the demand for blood flow. Another cause is isoimmunization (hemolytic disease of the newborn, erythroblastosis).

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