Hydatid Disease natural cures

Hydatid Disease Definition

Medically known as Echinococcosis and other terms are hydatid cyst, unilocular hydatid disease or cystic echinococcosis which is a potentially deadly parasitic disease that can affect numerous animals.

Hydatid Disease Diagnosis

Blood Serology Casoni's reaction X-ray - abdomen USG and CT scan ERCO (Endoscopic retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography)

Hydatid Disease Treatment

Treatments include Metronidazole 400-600mg, Albendazole, Surgical, Aspiration, Marsupialization, Omentopexy, Laminated Membrane Removal and Mebendazole to prevent recurrences.

Hydatid Disease Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of the hydatid disease can imitate those of that with cancer of the liver and liver of the cirrhosis. Evident symptoms are not also seen only after ten to twenty years for the reason that the cysts grow slowly. When the cysts appears an individual may experience stomach ache, weakness, weight loss and other symptoms are itching, blood in the stools, coughing, pain in the chest and fever.

Hydatid Disease Causes
The disease is caused by the tapeworm larvae of the Echinococcus particularly E.granulosus, E. multilodulocularid.

Hydatid Disease by state

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