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Hutchinson incisors Definition

Hutchinson's teeth (also called Hutchinson's incisor, Hutchinson's sign or Hutchinson-Boeck teeth) are a sign of congenital syphilis. Babies with this have teeth that are smaller and more widely spaced than the usual and which have notches on their biting surfaces.

Hutchinson incisors Diagnosis

Tooth abrasion may be done for a differential diagnosis.

Hutchinson incisors Treatment

Treatments are primarily targeted for treating the child's syphilis, but teeth straightening may be done to help achieve aesthetic results.

Hutchinson incisors Symptoms and Signs

Signs of Hutchinson incisors are: teeth notched on biting surface; tooth sides taper; smaller than normal and more widely spaced; upper central incisors most often affected; and permanent teeth affected rather than deciduous teeth.

Hutchinson incisors Causes
Hutchinson incisors are a sign of congenital syphilis, wherein a baby is born already infected with the disease.

Hutchinson incisors by state

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