Hurthle cell Cancer natural cures

Hurthle cell Cancer Definition

Hurthle cell cancer (or HCC) is a relatively rare and extremely aggressive type of cancer that occurs in the thyroid gland, the gland responsible for secreting hormones that are essential in regulating the metabolism.

Hurthle cell Cancer Diagnosis

Initial diagnostic steps include checking the patient's medical history as well as performing a physical exam to check for swollen lymph nodes in the neck. Blood tests may also be done to check if the thyroid gland still functions. A more definite diagnosis is made through an ultrasound scan or a fine-needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy of the affected area, along with standard imaging scans such as MRI, CT scan, and PET scan.

Hurthle cell Cancer Treatment

Surgery is the frequently recommended approach to Hurthle cell cancer treatment. Either a portion or nearly all of the thyroid gland may be removed (near total thyroidectomy). After surgery, affected patients are often given thyroid hormone medication to replace the hormones that are no longer produced by the absent thyroid. In addition, the following treatment options are available for Hurthle cell cancer patients: radioactive iodine therapy and external beam radiation.

Hurthle cell Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Hurthle cell cancer may not be necessarily evident at the early stage of the disease. The most common clinical presentation of Hurthle call cancer is the appearance of a rapidly growing nodule or lump in the patient's neck. The lump may form slightly below the Adam's apple. In addition, Hurthle cell cancer typically presents with pain in the neck and throat, and sometimes in the ears as well. Affected patients may also experience shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness or other distinct changes in the voice, as well as a persistent cough that is not related to any respiratory infection.

Hurthle cell Cancer Causes
The exact cause of Hurthle cell cancer is not known. However, it has been correlated to prolonged exposure to radiation.

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