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Huntington's Chorea Definition

Huntington's chorea is a disease causing certain of the brain's nerve cells to waste away. It is also called huntington's disease.

Huntington's Chorea Diagnosis

The doctor reviews the patient's medical and family history and conducts a physical examination. The patient may also be asked if he or she has any recent emotional or intellectual changes. The doctor may also suggest a computerized tomography or magnetic resonance imaging scan to check for any changes to the brain's structure. A blood test may also be suggested to determine if there is a defective gene.

Huntington's Chorea Treatment

Symptoms of the condition can only be managed through medications but it cannot prevent the patient's physical and mental decline. Medications may also have side effects to the patient such as fatigue, hyperexcitability, and restlessness. The patient may also undergo speech therapy, or physical and occupational therapy.

Huntington's Chorea Symptoms and Signs

An affected individual experiences changes in his or her personality, a decrease in cognitive abilities as well as uncontrolled movements, and mental deterioration. The person may also demonstrate irritability, anger, or some signs of depression. These signs and symptoms often develop in middle age. However, the condition is usually severe in younger people with symptoms progressing rapidly.

Huntington's Chorea Causes
The condition is inherited from either parents.

Huntington's Chorea by state

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