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Hunchback Definition

Kyphosis (or hunchback) is a forward rounding of the upper back. Some rounding is normal, but the term "kyphosis" typically refers to an exaggerated rounding, more than 40 to 45 degrees.

Hunchback Diagnosis

The doctor may ask the person to bend forward from the waist while he or she views the spine from the side. With kyphosis, the rounding of the upper back may become more apparent in this position. In postural kyphosis, the deformity corrects itself when the person lies on his back.

Hunchback Treatment

Exercises to strengthen back muscles, training in using correct posture and sleeping on a firm bed may be helpful. Pain relievers may help alleviate discomfort if exercise and physical therapies aren't fully effective.

Hunchback Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of hunchback includes: slouching posture or hunchback, mild back pain, spinal stiffness or tenderness, and fatigue. In mild cases, hunchback may produce no noticeable signs of symptoms.

Hunchback Causes
The onset of postural kyphosis generally is gradual. It's more frequent in girls than in boys. Poor posture or slouching may result to stretching of the spinal ligaments and abnormal formation of the bones of the spine (vertebrae). Postural kyphosis typically is accompanied by an exaggerated inward curve (hyperlordosis) in the lower (lumbar) spine. Hyperlordosis is the body's method of compensating for the exaggerated outward curve in the upper spine.

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