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Hives Definition

Hives are also medically known as urticaria. It is characterized by batches of raised, reddish or whitish itchy welts that form in various sizes. Normally, the hives go away for a few weeks or even less but have the tendency to recur frequently. In most cases of chronic hives, a cause is never clearly identified. In some cases, the condition may be related to an underlying autoimmune disorder - when your body becomes allergic to itself. Chronic hives can also be linked to other health problems such as thyroid disease or lupus. While the underlying cause of chronic hives is usually not identified, treatment can help with symptoms. For many people, a combination of antihistamine medications provides the best relief.

Hives Diagnosis

The diagnosis will be based on physical examination as well as an interview on the possible trigger of the medical condition. Blood test and skin test can also be done.

Hives Treatment

It can be quite challenging to find the specific treatment for hives. However, it is important that identify triggers to the reaction such as medication, food or even physical stimulus. It can also be a symptom of another serious condition that needs to be diagnosed. Oral histamines are among the primary medications.

Hives Symptoms and Signs

Hives appear as small rounded welts that form rings or appear as large patches on the skin. These welts are usually itchy and may appear to be surrounded by a red flare, appearing in batches. Other signs of this skin disorder include swelling of the skin, large welts that can appear in the hands, feet and even in the genitalia as well as inside the throat.

Hives Causes
Hives are generally inflammation of the skin that is triggered by mast cells that releases histamine along with other chemicals into the bloodstream. This causes small blood vessels to leak. However, it is still not understood the underlying cause of hives but it is generally believed that is has something to do with an immune system disorder.

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