Histoplasmosis natural cures

Histoplasmosis Definition

Histoplasmosis, also called Darling's disease, is a disease caused by the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum. Its symptoms vary greatly, but the disease mostly affects the lungs.

Histoplasmosis Diagnosis

Lavage may be needed for histiologic evaluation and to obtain cultures to make the diagnosis.

Histoplasmosis Treatment

Antifungal medications are utilized to treat severe cases of acute histoplasmosis and all cases of chronic and disseminated disease. Typical treatment of severe disease initially involves treatment with amphotericin B, followed by oral itraconazole. In many milder cases, simply itraconazole is enough. Past infection leads to partial protection against ill effects if reinfected.

Histoplasmosis Symptoms and Signs

Most affected individuals have clinically-silent manifestations and show no obvious ill effects. The acute phase of histoplasmosis is marked by non-specific respiratory symptoms, often cough or flu-like. Chest X-ray findings are normal in most cases. Chronic histoplasmosis cases can be similar to tuberculosis; disseminated histoplasmosis affects multiple organ systems and is fatal unless treated.

Histoplasmosis Causes
The risk of infection is generally related to environmental exposure and underlying immune status. Living in endemic areas with contaminated soil also increases the risk of exposure. Individuals who are immunocompetent and exposed to a low inoculum of histoplasmosis are typically asymptomatic. Inhalation of a large inoculum can result to diffuse pulmonary symptoms that may have a protracted course.

Histoplasmosis by state

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