Hip Labral Tear natural cures

Hip Labral Tear Definition

The socket of the human hip joint known as acetabulum is naturally lined by some cartilage called labrum, which provides proper stability as well as cushioning for the hip joint. In the case of thehip labral tear, known as a hip labral tear or otherwise known as the acetabular labral tear can often arise from injury or because if some repetitive movements that cause the wear-and-tear on the hip joint, such as osteoarthritis.

Hip Labral Tear Diagnosis

A diagnosis will be based on physical examination as well as imaging tests such as MRI to further assess the extent of the damage.

Hip Labral Tear Treatment

Among the treatment of hip labral tear include physical therapy, pain medications as well as corticosteroids injections. In severe cases, treatments are mostly administered to manage pain and provide relief and reduce inflammation of the joints. Surgical may also be required.

Hip Labral Tear Symptoms and Signs

Many hip labral tears often cause no detectable signs or symptoms. Occasionally, however, the person may experience some clicking, locking or a catching sensation in the hip joint, pain in the groin and hip area as well as stiffness or the limited motion of the hip.

Hip Labral Tear Causes
Some of the identified causes of a hip labral tear include repetitive activities, trauma arising from the dislocation of the hip and other related disease that causes damage to the labrum. Most often the damage is due to sports activities that may include some pivoting and twisting motions.

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