Herpes Gestationis natural cures

Herpes Gestationis Definition

Herpes gestationis is a medical condition used to describe polymorphic vesicobullous eruption during pregnancy.

Herpes Gestationis Diagnosis

The disease can be diagnosed by clinical skin biopsy.

Herpes Gestationis Treatment

For mild herpes gestiationis, topical creams are prescribed. Corticosteroids are also administered to prevent inflammation.

Herpes Gestationis Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of this autoimmune phenomenon include puritic rashes and lesions that develop in the abdomen. These papules soon burst in the labor periods of pregnancy or immediately after postpartum. About 10 percent of infants suffer effects of the disease.

Herpes Gestationis Causes
The disease is not caused by the herpes virus. It is an autoimmune disorder caused by an attack of an IgG antibody against a 180 kD antigen. This takes place at the undermost part of the epidermis.

Herpes Gestationis by state

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