Hernia In Children natural cures

Hernia In Children Definition

Hernia refers to the protrusion of a part of the intestines. This usually caused by an obstruction of the muscles in the abdominal area. In children, hernias occur due to an improper closure of the umbilical cord after birth.

Hernia In Children Diagnosis

Hernias can be diagnosed based on the symptoms given by the patient.

Hernia In Children Treatment

These hernias may not need treatment since the condition often resolves after a period of time.

Hernia In Children Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of hernia in children are visible lumps and swollen areas in the abdomen. Crying, coughing and straining usually aggravate the pain felt by the children.

Hernia In Children Causes
Hernia in children is caused by the abnormal closure of the umbilical cord during childbirth.

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