Hendra Virus natural cures

Hendra Virus Definition

Hendra virus is a strain of virus under the Paramyxoviridae family. It was first described in 1994 during an outbreak of neurological and respiratory disease in humans and horses in the Hendra suburb of Brisbane, Australia.

Hendra Virus Diagnosis

Laboratory testings are done detect hendra virus. Among these tests include ELISA (IgM and IgG), virus isolation and real time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR).

Hendra Virus Treatment

Ribavirin treatments have shown effectiveness in fighting the disease. Other drug investigations have been inconclusive and more research has to be done.

Hendra Virus Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of hendra virus include flu-like ailments, respiratory problems, fever, seizures, encephalitis and the inability to breathe normally.

Hendra Virus Causes
Hendra virus thrives in horses, and it can be transmitted to humans via exposure to the animal's waste. It also lives in pigs. During an outbreak in Singapore, victims contracted the disease via pig refuse.

Hendra Virus by state

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