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Hemothorax Definition

Hemothorax is a disease wherein blood accumulates in the chest. It is a relatively common condition, usually occurring from traumatic force in the thorax which causes the serous membrane of the thorax surrounding the lungs to rupture.

Hemothorax Diagnosis

An examination of decreased or absent breath sounds on the affected region is required to make a diagnosis. Additional laboratory tests may be conducted such as pleural fluid analysis, chest x-ray, and thoracentesis.

Hemothorax Treatment

The source of bleeding must be removed through blood drainage in the thoracic cavity. A tube thoracostomy, a procedure wherein blood in the cavity is removed by inserting a drain or chest tube, is also conducted to manage the condition. Patients usually recover quickly after the procedure. If the cause is high energy trauma wherein the aorta is ruptured, thoracic surgery is required.

Hemothorax Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of hemothorax includes tracheal deviation, tachypnea, cyanosis, dyspnea, dull resonance on percussion, narrowing pulse pressure, hypotension, pale, cold, and clammy skin, and possibly subcutaneous air.

Hemothorax Causes
Chest trauma is the most common cause of hemothorax. Those with pleural or lung cancer are also at risk, as well as those suffering from defects of the blood clotting system. Patients of heart or thoracic surgery and those who suffer from pulmonary infarction are at risk.

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