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Hemorrhage Definition

Hemorrhage is the medical term used to describe excessive bleeding due to rupture of the blood vessels. It is a complication of other diseases. Hemorrhage can be external or internal.

Hemorrhage Diagnosis

Hemorrhage can easily be diagnosed during the onset of an incident or disease that caused it. It is important to diagnose hemorrhage easily in order to maintain a steady blood flow in the body systems.

Hemorrhage Treatment

To treat external bleeding is easy. Doctors can treat wounds with antiseptic and other antibiotics to help stop the bleeding and allow the damaged blood vessels to heal on their own. Internal hemorrhage meanwhile needs surgical operations to remove the blood clot and prevent it from clogging the bloodstream. However, lethargic capillaries may bring the person to sudden death.

Hemorrhage Symptoms and Signs

Hemorrhage itself is a symptom of other major organ diseases. Profuse bleeding is the main characteristic of hemorrhage. Bleeding can occur through an open wound, which can be immediately treated. Internal hemorrhage meanwhile is more dangerous since it causes blood clots and indicates that the blood vessels are growing weak.

Hemorrhage Causes
A variety of reasons can cause hemorrhage. One can be of traumatic injuries suffered by a person during an accident or event that caused an open wound. Organ diseases such as cirrhosis, hypertension, and cardiovascular illnesses can also lead to hemorrhage. Viruses, such as the infamous filovirus can also cause hemorrhage (hemorrhagic fever).

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